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Recruitment Offerings (PWW)

Recruitment Offerings - Prospective Employers

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    Single Placement – This option is available for employers who are looking to fill a single position in their organization. Petrini & Workman Worlwide Recruiting, LLC. is offering this service for every industry in the job market.

    Multiple Placements – This option is available for employers who are looking to fill multiple positions in their organization. Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting, LLC. is offering this service for every industry in the job market.

    Company Overhaul – This option is for any organization that is looking to turn over the majority of their current employees. While this is a drastic step for a company to take, it is necessary during times of re-branding or long-standing periods of product/service innovation. The job market is changing at an exponential rate and new positions are needed to advance within this marketplace.

    Start-Up Placements – Relinquishing control while running a start-up company is an extremely difficult thing to do, but is necessary for expansion. As a start-up company, Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting is not far removed from taking this step ourselves. With our professional recruiters, we will ensure the placement of candidates that are aligned with the entrepreneur’s mission/vision which they will be sharing with the world.

  • Payment Options (Click to Expand)

    Up-Front Payment (Terms Vary) – The entire balance for placing a candidate will be paid up-front with this payment option. Clients who choose this option have priority as our business shifts the majority of its resources toward finding the perfect candidate(s) for your business. If the established agreement between Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting, LLC. and the Client is not met in the agreed upon time-frame, the entire balance will be refunded.

    Initial Deposit & Remaining Balance Paid Upon Hire – This plan will be negotiated in terms of an initial deposit and an agreed upon percentage of the candidate’s salary for the remaining balance. Guaranteed Payment Periods will be established during initial negotiations.

    Complete Payment After Placement – An agreed upon percentage of the candidate’s yearly salary will be paid out upon the candidate’s start date. There is not a Guaranteed Payment Period for this option.

  • Contract Provisions (Click to Expand)

    Communication Guidelines – Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting prides itself on open and clear communication channels with all of its business partners. We look forward to communicating frequently with your business in order to meet your exact recruiting desires.

    Recruitment Timeline – Technology has helped speed up recruitment in some ways and hindered the process in others. Recruitment is still a very ‘human’ process and our team is dedicated to this essential component of any business. Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting will establish a recruitment timeline with your organization which will include metrics and analytics behind our process.

    Petrini & Workman Worlwide Recruiting <–> Client (Fee Agreement) – As nice as we believe ourselves to be, there is no such thing as a free lunch. During the initial negotiation stage, the fee agreement between both parties will be agreed upon before the recruitment process commences.

    Exact Job Description & Candidate Profile Specified – In order to work efficiently, we request that employers specify their exact needs as they pertain to the role(s) potential candidates will be filling and the type of personality they need to possess in order to be successful.

    Other Requested Services – Don’t see what you’re looking for on this page? Please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know if your organization has a very specific recruitment need outside of the content displayed here.

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The 21st century has created an environment where exponential change within all industries has become the norm. Our Recruiting Specialists will help you navigate through this ever-changing economic landscape and accomplish your business aspirations.