re·cruit·er /rəˈkro͞odər/

In the past, recruiters were often looked at as individuals waiting in the wings when candidates ran out of leads for potential employment. Thoughts of temp agencies giving a list of jobs periodically that did not necessarily align with career aspirations are being left in the past where they belong. Reactivity was the tempo for these firms and this has thankfully changed as the job market continues to evolve.

Now, recruiters are working actively to place candidates in positions that meet or exceed the goals candidates have set forth for themselves. Candidates that are currently employed may be contacted from a plethora of outlets in order to see if they are looking for a position that could potentially take them to the next level. As employers are continuously refining their processes and discovering new opportunities within their systems, candidates are learning and acquiring new skills to fulfill these requisitions.

Recruiter's Path Forward

Candidate Offerings

  • Career Coaching
  • Resume Rewrites
  • Tailored Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Branding Consultation 

Bridging the Gap

  • The role of the recruiter has evolved into constantly bridging the gap between the advancement of employment and candidacy within the workforce.
  • Recruiting has become an integral component of the economy and this influence will continue to grow over time. 

Employer Offerings

  • Creating contingency contracts
  • Advertising positions through exclusive networks
  • Assigning teams to work on particular positions