The Agency’s Retained Remote Job Search services are based on confidentiality. Confidentiality is essential to building the trust needed for an effective working relationship between the Client and the Recruiter. All information received from or provided by the Client is strictly for the use of The Agency and will not be shared with any third party.


PWW Recruiting’s primary goal is to present you with opportunities that match your qualifications and employment preferences for either contractual opportunities or full-time positions that align with your expertise.

With the use of a customized Google Sheet, gone are the days of the constant back-and-forth with recruiters. We will continuously update this spreadsheet with relevant positions in tune with your career aspirations daily. All you have to do is confirm or deny the job with a simple color change, and we do the rest!

After completing a right-to-represent form, we will apply on your behalf to rid you of the tedious process of filling out applications. Designated fields are present for each step of the hiring process to highlight what is and what is not working to allow our organization to be as proactive as possible with your job placement.

We connect with candidates weekly to fine-tune the jobs sent your way to ensure we are only applying to positions that make sense for your unique path.

The application process can be demoralizing due to automated resume parsing and humans having little to do with ‘Human’ Resources. With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting everyone with an additional stressor, we will alleviate you from the stress of finding a new position.

This agreement establishes that if the Client accepts an offer initially referred by the Agency, the Client will be responsible for paying 2.5% of the Client’s salary as payment for services
rendered. As discussed during the initial call, a payment plan is an option and this structure will be negotiated after a successful placement.


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