The Agency’s career coaching services are based on confidentiality. Confidentiality is essential to building the trust needed for an effective working relationship between the Client and the Coach. All information received from or provided by the Client is strictly for the use of The Agency and will not be shared with any third party.


Our Philosophy of Coaching:

Career coaching supports leaders in achieving important results to their personal success and their organization’s long-term success. The Coach assumes that the mid-level to executive Client is the expert on his or her own career. The Coach’s role is to draw out the Client’s expertise through inquiry, curiosity, and gentle challenges. The Coach helps the client to stretch into his or her best self. To do that, the Coach introduces self-observation exercises and behavioral practices. The Coach helps the client focus on his or her presence and behaviors. The Coach’s role is distinct from consulting, advising, therapy, or counseling. However, coaching does address personal issues or life conditions that impact a client’s professional effectiveness.


The anticipated outcomes of career coaching for the client include:

  • Identification of a career strategy, including short term career search goals and multi-year career development plan.
  • Identification of the key behaviors to continue, do more, do less, start and stop doing to increase career effectiveness. This will include interviewing strategies and resume re-development.
  • With sufficient Client commitment to the process, improvement will be noticeable and measurable on specific career behaviors.
  • Long term effectiveness for the Client is based on an increased capacity to build and maintain a healthy business and career relationships.

Coaching Method
The Agency’s approach to career coaching includes the following:

  • Determine Client’s commitment to the coaching process: to solicit feedback, assess feedback, work to develop more effective behaviors, involve the continuous flow of job prospects to support desired changes, and measure the results of the career change/search effort.
  • Identify with the Client the high-leverage behaviors to focus on to provide the most strategic career moves that will benefit the Client.
  • Partner with the Client in understanding and responding to feedback.
  • Support the Client in engaging more productively in career activities.
  •  Conduct regularly scheduled coaching sessions via Zoom and/or by phone, on average once or twice a week.
  • Follow-up assessments until the Client has accepted a job offer.


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