We are searching for a dependable Travel Nurse to join the healthcare team. The Travel Nurse will be responsible for traveling to patients and completing a number of duties, which may include performing tests, administering medication, as well as writing up reports. You should be able to follow instructions, but also use logical thinking skills.


To be successful as a Travel Nurse, you should be well-organized, punctual, and able to effectively communicate. Outstanding candidates should be mentally strong, resilient, and flexible enough to work in a range of environments.


Travel Nurse Responsibilities:

Traveling to patients’ homes, schools, and other organizations to administer medication and vaccinations, and complete blood pressure, glucose, and other tests.

Performing wound inspections, changing dressings, and monitoring the patients’ overall wellbeing.

Addressing patients’ concerns and providing healthcare and nutritional advice where possible.

Monitoring patients’ recovery and compiling reports for the relevant Doctors and other stakeholders.

Completing your duties at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Ensuring that all equipment and medical supplies are kept sterile and well-organized.

Arriving in a timely manner to perform your duties.

Keeping abreast of developments in healthcare by attending workshops as necessary.

Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to develop improved diets and healthcare plans.

Remaining professional and polite at all times.

Travel Nurse Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or an equivalent.

A relevant license and certification.

A completed apprenticeship or experience in a similar role.

Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

The ability to follow instructions but also to think independently.

Excellent report writing skills and organizational skills.

Empathy and a personable manner.

Physical fitness and mental strength.

A valid driver’s license or reliable transport may be required.