Candidate will be placed in the Progressive Care Unit with the floating assignments to the Cardiac Intervention Unit.Candidate may also be placed in the ICU, Med/Surg, or surge capacity units if necessary based on the need of the organization.PCU is a 48-bed intermediate care unit with an average daily census of 44 patients.PCU cares for adults with a variety of diagnoses which include CHF, ARF, ESLD, DM, DKA, pneumonia, sepsis, GI bleed, syncope, chest pain, respiratory failure, COPD, arrhythmias, and delirium tremors. The unit cares for and manage the care of patients with chronic and/or acute illnesses who are experiencing acute problems that require complex assessments, intensive therapies and interventions, and moderate levels of nursing vigilance.Equipment commonly used on this unit is Alaris Pump, EPIC, Kangaroo Pump, PCA Epidurals, TR/Radial Bands, NGs, Chest Tubes, High Flow 02, Restraints, Midline and Central lines.Also must float to the surge capacity COVID areas as needed.Shift times for this position is 0630-1900.Patient ratio is 3:1 or 4:1.?Bonus Terms:1.Must complete 13 weeks AND 588 hours worked(this excludes on-call)2.Must work one holiday, if needed by the department, if it s within your contracted dates.3.Cannot have extensive orientation. Typical orientation for travelers is two shifts.4.Must be in good standings with the manager when contract is complete; cannot have any documented performance conversations.Will grant RTO only if it is submitted and in contract ahead of time and approved by the department.? Additional Information:To qualify as a traveler, the permanent address of the traveler must be 100 miles away from the facility