Certs- BLS (must be AHA), ACLS, NIHSS, 2 year IMC experience,

Must have proficient IV skills

Weekend Requirement- Every other weekend

Holidays- Every other holiday

Floating – First to Float (MedSurg, Oncology floor, Surgical units,

ICU- will only take patients within their scope of practice)

Misc. Information: 52 beds (North- 26; South- 26),

Large population of chest pain patients who go for nuclear studies & stress tests, as well as post caths. Cardiac heart failure COPD sepsis pneumonia, neuro, stroke, ETOH withdrawal, COVID

EMR- Epic, Ratios- 1:4-5,

Floor Orientation- 3 days

Scrubs- Navy Blue Pants and Solid Navy-Blue tops or Solid white (Jackets Solid Navy Blue or Solid white) can mix and match, long sleeve shirts under scrubs must be navy or white.
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