MAKE SURE PRESCREEN IS FILLED OUT AND ATTACHED UPON SUBMITTINGCANDIDATE. RESUME AND LICENSE VERIFICATION ALSO NEEDS TO BE ATTACHED. IF THESE ITEMS ARE NOT COMPLETED AND ATTACHED, THE CANDIDATE WILL BE DECLINEDNew grad accepted, but not preferred.SNF experience preferred.Rehab Optima experience preferredPLEASE REVIEW BELOW CREDENTILAING CHECKLIST PRIOR TO SUBMISSION Online license verification Resume 3 References Flu shot (during flu season) True 2 step PPD or Quantiferon (PPD must have had the 2nd PPD placement within 7-14 days from the reading of the first PPD) Physical (within 6 months of start and MUST say able to work with no restrictions and free of communicable diseases) Elder Justice Act (read and signed) National criminal background check (within 30 days of start) OIG/HHS search GSA search 2 Forms of ID