Experience developing applications at the enterprise level

Proven ability to deliver real-work solutions and platforms

Ability to lead and be an integral part of a team

Experience working with clients or other stakeholders directly. A people person.

Doesn’t mind a bit of travel, averaging one week every couple of months

Specific experience:


Strong, working knowledge of Node.js

Handling complex scaling issues and tiered caching strategies

Developing modern, microservice-based web applications

Database schema design and development experience

Some full stack experience (Deployment, Database, and Frontend)



Other Skills we value:


Experience with cloud deployments and management (AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, etc)

Authentication and authorization and related technologies (sessions, API tokens, JWTs, etc)

Concurrency and scaling techniques

Automated testing experience (unit and integration testing, performance testing and benchmarking)

Experience working with Go or another statically-typed, compiled programming language