Required skills and experience:

– Must have at least 1 yr experience in Acute Care Medical Surgical. Must have at least 1 yr

experience in the highest licensure they hold. Experience in ER, LTAC, Skilled Nursing and/or

Psych a plus.

– LVN’s must be IV Therapy Certified and RN’s must have ACLS.

– Flexible to location (w/in reason)

– Thick skinned – Environment can at times be difficult.

– Independent worker- self motivated (Physicians are on call)

– Maintains professionalism at all times with staff and inmates

– Confident in their emergency response skill set. Must respond w/in 4 mins per ACA.

– Organized and a team player

– Likes a fast-paced environment (the night shift is particularly fast-paced)


What you need to know:

– Day Time RN Position

** Candidates will need to get the paperwork provided to them back to us ASAP. We are only able to submit candidates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After submitting for clearance it can take up to 15 days to hear if they are cleared. From here we will set up for an orientation date.


Job selling points:

Ability to do a lot of different jobs – Clinic, in-patient, med pass, out-patient, wound care, cell side care, ER, critical care


Additional job details:

Provides nursing services, treatments and diagnostic and preventive procedures appropriate for inmate care and safety; interprets physicians’ orders; administers prescribed medication; when physician is present, assists physician with sick call; applies surgical dressings and bandages; provides emergency first aid care; checks and records vital signs; instructs inmates concerning discharge planning; observes signs and symptoms during sick call when physician is not present; reports reactions to treatments and medications as well as changes in the inmates’ emotional or physical condition; may instruct and supervise correctional staff concerning inmate health care and needs; consults with supervisor on problem cases; checks and orders supplies; maintains accurate medical records; provides health care education inmates.