Unique position , for our Pocono campus. a Quality Assurance person, or at very least someone with a strong background in Compliance/Quality. Offshift rounding, overnight, Position starting at 5 mix of 8 s and 12 s shifts. want to make sure that the measures put in place to meet the plans of correction are sustained. 1:1 s, making sure that if there are 1:1 s for suicidal patients, looking at assignment sheets and making sure the assignments are filled out. Someone with some clinical experience in acute care, must have Bachelors, and seeking someone with a clinical license (LSW, MSW, RT, RN, Resp Therapist etc). Leader Observers, Quality Assurance Specialist type role. Keep an eye on the plans of correction to ensure they are being implemented. Emotional Intelligence is highly important, as is the ability to adhere to detail. Position Urgency:Quick Start