Under the direction of the Director of Physical Therapy, the Physical Therapist is responsible for the directing of physical therapy services. Coordinates and supervises operation of the department, administers physical agents prescribed by a referring physician. Maintains performance improvement activities within the department and participates in continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities and assures competency of all personnel. Assists in the formulating budget, evaluations, department performance versus budget and takes appropriate action to remain in budget guidelines. Develops and implements system of reviewing department charges, ensures that patient charges are accurate and entered on a timely basis. The Physical Therapist maintains efficient and effective department operations while requiring compliance with all state, federal and local regulatory laws, standards and protocols. This position description is intended to identify some of the duties and responsibilities of this position. modoc medical center reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or augment the duties and responsibilities specified in this position description, at MODOC MEDICAL CENTER S sole and absolute discretion. POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: 1. New Graduates will be considered. 2. Current California licensure or certification as a physical therapist. 3. Knowledge of physical therapy modalities, anatomy and physiology. 4. Knowledge of disease processes and related causative factors. 5. Knowledge of benefits/ values of rehabilitative medicine and physical therapy agents. 6. Knowledge of infection control, sterile techniques and related impact on rehabilitative medicine practice and equipment. 7. Current BCLS certification. 8. Ability to work with others, at all levels within the organization, and collaborate effectively. 9. Above-average interpersonal, problem-solving, and written and oral communication skills. 10. Must be a team player to all departments, confidential of sensitive data, respectful of all other staff members, considerate of other people s time, and accountable for work output. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: ++General Competencies:++ 1. Professional behavior is demonstrated always, both when on duty and as a representative of the hospital outside of normal work hours. 2. A positive working relationship with patients, visitors, and facility staff is demonstrated. Respectful to managers and supervisors. 3. Organizational ability and time management is demonstrated. 4. Produces deliverable products on time, within budget with minimal direction. 5. Demonstrates the ability to compile and organize data using Microsoft Office Applications. Ability to make appropriate recommendations or conclusions, given the data obtained. 6. Maintains an organized set of records, delivers records immediately upon request, for the functions that are performed within the scope of this job. 7. Communicates appropriately, respectfully, and clearly to directors, managers, and coworkers. Accepts direction as provided without questioning authority, within the chain of command. 8. Performs all assigned tasks accurately. 9. Demonstrates ability to effectively use office machines in the performance of job functions. 10. Answers phone calls, assists public, and forwards appropriately if necessary in a professional and friendly manner. 11. Ability to observe and evaluate treatment effect, recommends change to physician if needed. 12. Ability to perform an appropriate assessment of all patients as related to the therapy requested and provided and reassessments as per policy. This includes neonate, pediatric, adolescent, geriatric patients and the general patient population. 13. Able to assess patient pain interfering with optimal level of function or participation in rehabilitation and makes appropriate physician contact for intervention. 14. Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/ health care errors. 15. Formulates a teaching plan based upon identified learning needs and evaluations effectiveness of learning, family is included in teaching as appropriate. 16. Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/ spiritual needs of patients and their families. Functions as liaison between administration, patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers. 17. Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly. Maintains department cleanliness and safety. Complies with ongoing departmental inspections of equipment and physical space, makes recommendations regarding equipment utilization and needs. 18. Interacts professionally with patient/ family and involves patient/ family in the formation of a plan of care. 19. Communicates appropriately and clearly to physicians, staff and administrative team. 20. Coordinates and directs patient care to ensure patient s needs are met and hospital policy is followed. 21. Other duties as assigned. ++Specific Competencies:++ 1. Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations. 2. Consults other departments as appropriate to collaborate in patient care and performance improvement activities. 3. Documentation meets current standards and policies. 4. Trains personnel utilizing on-the-job training for nursing and other hospital staff, as well as departmental staff. 5. Studies current trends and developments in rehabilitative medicine through current literature and professional society. 6. Maintains standards of professional society procedures and ethical behavior. 7. Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing. 8. Additional languages preferred. 9. Strong written and verbal skills. 10. Basic computer knowledge. 11. Knowledge of physical therapy machine operation, maintenance and repairs of same. 12. Ability to maintain control and respond calmly and positively during crisis situations (i.e. Code Blue) 13. Appropriate telephone communication skills. ++Professional Requirements:++ 1. Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and professional. 2. Completes annual education requirements, if applicable. 3. Maintains regulatory requirements. 4. Maintains and ensures patient confidentiality at all times. 5. Wears identification badge while on duty. 6. Attends annual evaluation and participates actively in this process. 7. Reports to work on time and as scheduled; completes work in designated time. 8. Attends all meetings as appropriate. 9. Exhibits the mission, ethics and goals of Modoc Medical Center in the performance of job duties. 10. Works at maintaining a good rapport and a cooperative working relationship with physicians, departments and staff. 11. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner. 12. Attends committee, CQI and management meetings, as appropriate. 13. Resolves personnel concerns at the departmental level, utilizing the grievances process as required. 14. Ensures compliance with policies and procedures regarding department operations, fire, and safety and infection control. 15. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices. WORKING CONDITIONS: 1. Willingness to work beyond normal working hours. 2. Is involved with personnel, visitors, and government agencies, etc., when necessary. 3. Must function independently, have personal integrity, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with other personnel, clients and support agencies. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Sits, stands, bends, lifts, walks and moves intermittently during working hours. 2. Able to lift up to 35 pounds without assistance. Position Urgency:Quick Start