Job Requirements: -Licensed to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Texas or state that recognizes reciprocity through the Nurse Licensure Compact or possess a temporary permit to practice nursing in the State of Texas, or a Graduate Nurse from an accredited RN program with a valid permit to practice in the State of Texas while awaiting licensure. What you need to know: 1. Performs extensive initial and ongoing assessment of the patient’s nursing care needs to include medical, psychological, and social needs. 2. Develops nursing diagnoses or problem lists based on the assessment of the data and formulates the initial plan of care. 3. Develops and implements population specific nursing interventions based on accepted nursing standards of care and through review of current evidence. 4. Collaborates with other health care professionals by contributing nursing assessment date, diagnoses/problem lists, and interventions to the development of the multidisciplinary treatment plan. 5. Evaluates the outcomes of nursing interventions and documents the same in the medical record. 6. Provides comprehensive patient/family education regarding illness process, medications, coping skills, etc. to patients and families. 7. Establishes, monitors, and maintains the therapeutic milieu through clinical supervision and training of other Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Psychiatric Nursing Assistants. 8. Administers or supervises administration of medications and other nursing interventions in accordance with facility policy and procedures. 9. Develops and implements training for subordinate staff regarding principles of population-specific nursing care, unit routines, facility policy and procedures, management directives, and milieu management, etc. 10. Acts as team leader in emergency situations (i.e. medical or psychiatric emergencies) including initiating and monitoring the appropriate use of resuscitative equipment or restraint/seclusion. 11. As assigned, acts as charge nurse, nurse supervisor, nurse manager in his/her absence.