Assesses patients on admission within specified time frames to include consideration of physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs Reassess each patients health needs whenever warranted b the patients condition and at least every shift utilizing the nursing processes after obtaining a systematic database Establishes a plan of care based on indefinite data from all appropriate sources Reviews and updates the plan of care for each assigned patient utilizing data obtained from reassessments. Administers oral, topical the parental medications utilizing the 7 rights Assesses and documents effectiveness/untoward effects of medications and treatments. Performs treatments and procedures with consideration of common nursing practice, hospital policy and procedure, sterile technique, standard precautions and patient privacy Documents response to are and addresses pain management, discharge planning needs, educations and progress towards goals. Documents in a legible and accurate manner to include date and time of entry, signature, and title. Educates patient/family based on his/her assessed needs and uses Krames where appropriate Interprets or analyzes diagnostic data and reports, and intervenes appropriately Promptly communicates change in patients clinical condition to physicians and other health care team members as appropriate. Uses SBAR communication for all handoffs Demonstrates consideration of patient rights including confidentiality, safety and patient participation in plan of care Evaluates and documents patient care provided and the effectiveness of patient teaching Participates in multidisciplinary care planning Demonstrates knowledge of application criteria for restrains and the ability to manage patients in restraints per policy Follows the National Patient Safety Goals Follows hospital policy on use of two patient identifiers Understands Disaster Plan and own role Understands how to activate the Rapid Response Team Completes orientation to Life Safety Standards – Code Blue, Code Pink (infant abduction, Haz Mat Spills, Code Red (Fire), Oxygen shut off valve. Follows hospital infection control policies. Demonstrates knowledge of blood transfusion policy and documentation Understand the Chain of Command and accesses it appropriately Washes hand before and after each patient contact Demonstrates knowledge of pediatric medications and dose calculations Recognizes basic cardiac dysrhythmia and intervenes appropriately Demonstrates proper use of bedside monitoring equipment Demonstrates arterial line setup, calibration, interpretation of wave form, discontinuation and appropriate documentation Familiar with legal issues relating to minors (consents, CPS, court custody, etc) Accurately assesses the critically ill pediatric patient and intervenes appropriately Communicates effectively with parents and child Documents appropriately on PICU flow sheet, care plan, Medication administration records and progress records Demonstrates knowledge of age specific pain management Familiar with medication policies, Narcotics, Pyxis access Follows High alert medication policies Uses the Alaris pump Assesses and manages ventilator dependent patients Understands process and rationale for use of specialty beds_x000D_
Skills: BLSCardiac Monitoring ExperienceCA RN License 2 yrs PICU Experience, able to float to other units – Peds_x000D_
Education: *