Thayer County Health Services, Thayer County, NEPOSITION SUMMARY:This position contributes to the fulfillment of Thayer County Health Services vision and mission byprovidingprescribed medications, drugs, and other pharmaceuticals according to professional standards and practices.SUPERVISION:Reports to Director of Pharmacy.JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Pharmacy degree from an American Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited school of pharmacy and licensed through the successful passage of a licensure exam in accordance with National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. PharmD preferred. Three years of experience as a Pharmacist preferred. Must have good communication skills; both written and verbal. Requires current state license to practice pharmacy.PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Provides specialized pharmaceutical services to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes including, but not limited to, advising physicians on issues concerning drug therapy, the inherent toxicity of drugs and their side effects, as well as assisting in the prescription of the appropriate doses and ensuring that adequate quantities of drugs and supplies are ordered and maintained. Is responsible for the preparation and dispensing of all medications within the facilities, overseeing non-pharmacist personnel involved in the medication use process and ensuring that all prescription and medication orders are accurate, complete, and appropriate for the individual patient and in compliance with all state and federal legal requirements. Maintains relationships with medical and nursing staff; providing timely information pertaining to pharmaceuticals, therapeutic options, drug usage and compatibility, state and federal regulations regarding drug controls, and Nebraska Department of Health standards. Conducts and evaluates medication use reviews as needed, assessing patient compliance and outcomes; and suggests modifications so as to achieve desired outcomes; instructs patients in the proper use of prescribed drugs and makes patient care rounds with physicians to evaluate patient progress as needed. Individualizes medication regimens using sound principles, accounting for pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic variations in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination with responsibility for establishing and continually improving the delivery of pharmaceutical care to patients within areas of direct responsibility and assisting others in the department with the same. Ensures that medicinal products are stored appropriately and securely to ensure inventory is maintained in accordance with state and federal requirements. Responds to medication-related queries from within the hospital, other hospitals and the general public. Maintains strict standards of confidentiality, complying with but not limited to HIPPA recommendations and regulations. Keeps up to date with and contributes to changing drug knowledge and healthcare developments in collaboration with medical staff and other colleagues. Writes guidelines for drug use within the hospital and long-term care facilities, preparing drug and therapeutic bulletins and implementing necessary regulations and related hospital/departmental policies and procedures. Provide information related to budgets and drug expenditures. Processes all cash and credit transactions as required, giving patients proper receipts and related information. Attends required meetings and participates in facility and community committees as requested. Mentors healthcare professionals in training including, but not limited to, pharmacy, medical, and nursing students; activities should include both practical and didactic experiences. Provides monthly consulting to our contracted LTC facilities. Performs other duties as needed by the facility.PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Maintains and promotes good health practices. Will conform to TCHS procedures and policies. Will perform all duties as described by the job description within the scope of licensure. Does not discuss patient matters such as medical treatment, diagnosis or history outside of the clinical setting in; keeping in compliance of HIPAA. Understand and comply with the requirements of Thayer County Health Services Compliance Program, including, but not limited to, the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Manual, all supporting policies for compliance and compliance plans. Participate in all education and training programs regarding compliance as required by organizational policy and as requested by supervisor. Demonstrates AIDET with patients, visitor,s and TCHS staff. Willingly accepts new responsibilities and cooperates with the implementation of change. Dresses in a neat, clean uniform for patient care; maintains high personal hygiene standards.WORKING CONDITIONS: Indoor, smoke-free, climate-controlled environment. Possible exposure to unpleasant odors or fumes, intermittent unpleasant conditions, liquids, and chemicals. Must be able to tolerate a moderate noise level. Possible exposure and contact with biohazardous materials and communicable diseases. Frequent contact with doctors, patients, and their families, and employees of other departments. Health care workers who prepare or administer hazardous drugs or who work in areas where these drugs are used may be exposed to these agents in the air or on work surfaces, contaminated clothing, medical equipment, patient excreta, and other surfaces. Studies have associated workplace exposures to hazardous drugs with health effects such as skin rashes and adverse reproductive outcomes (including infertility, spontaneous abortions, and congenital malformations) and possibly leukemia and other cancers. The health risk is influenced by the extent of the exposure and the potency and toxicity of the hazardous drug. Due to these risks, all pharmacy staff are required to be fitted annually for a filtered respirator.PHYSICAL DEMANDSPhysical ActivityNot ApplicableOccasionally(0-35% of day)Frequent(36-66% of day)Continuous(67-100% of Day)SittingXStandingXWalkingXClimbingXDrivingXLifting (floor to waist)35 Ibs.35 Ibs.10 Ibs.Lifting (waist and above35 Ibs.10 Ibs.10 Ibs.Lifting (shoulder and above)20 Ibs.15 Ibs.10 Ibs.Carrying ObjectsXPush/pullXTwistingXBendingXReaching ForwardXReaching OverheadXSquat/kneel/crawlXWrist position deviationXPinching/fine motor activitiesXKeyboard use/repetitive motionX Additional Information:Please research motel/hotel as housing is limited. On call rooms are limited and upon request. Position Urgency:Quick Start