Unit Name:OrthopedicsAll candidates will need to complete a virtual interview for this role. Offers will be made based on that interview. Please ensure that all candidates have a full skills checklist with their resume combined on one document.32 bed fast paced unit.Nurse Patient Ratio:1:5-6 (Ratios not guaranteed)Patient Age Groups: Adults, Geriatric, OutpatientTop 10 Diagnosis/Procedures:Total knee replacement, Total hip replacement, Total ankle replacement, Total shoulder replacement, fracture repair, spine surgeries including XLIF, ALIF, TDLF, ACDF, PCDF, microdisc, lamis.Common Medications used on the unit:Pain medication, Antibiotics, Anticoagulants, Home medications, Antiemetics, steroids.Common Equipment: Ice wraps, Polar coolersMay float to other Med/Surg areas – varies on surgical scheduleLine Management/Skills:Required: ??IV Insertion,Preferred: PICC/Central Line ManagementOrtho/MS/Onc Skills:Preferred: ??Traction,CPM,Epidural/PCA pumps,Feeding Tubes,Wound VacCardiac:Preferred: Remote Tele, Tele InterpretationAirway Skills:Preferred: ??CPAP/BiPAP?? Position Urgency:Quick Start