MUST HAVE UNRESTRICTED STATE OF INDIANA LICENSE( OR COMPACT STATE) AND CURRENT BLS. VARIOUS START TIMES MONDAY-FRIDAY WITH NO CALL HOURS REQUIRED.CANDIDATE MUST BE PROFICIENT WITH EPIC EMAR O.R. DOCUMENTATION. Additional Information:Please do NO have you candidates call into the hospital or come into the hospital – If they do their profile will be withdrawn from submission. Our work week begins on Saturday at 11p ends on Saturday 3-11 (including 3-11 shift) On some units an EKG test and Med Test will be required. EKG Challenge and Adult medication exam,traveler will allow 2 hours to complete we are told it is quite difficult.Your traveler needs to be prepared to analyze rhythm strips,how to treat them and identify all other cardiac rhythms,some common and others not so common. Holidays Recognized and Paid at OT Rate: New Years Day 12/31 (11p-7:30a), 1/1 (7a-3:30p), 1/1 (3p-11:30p) Memorial Day – Sunday (11p-7:30a), Monday (7a-3:30p), Monday (3p-11:30p) Independence Day 7/3 (11p-7:30a), 7/4 (7a-3:30p), 7/4 (3p-11:30p) Labor Day – Sunday (11p-7:30a), Monday (7a-3:30p), Monday (3p-11:30p) Thanksgiving Wednesday (11p-7:30a), Thursday (7a-3:30p), Thursday (3p-11:30p) Christmas 12/24 (11p-7:30a), 12/25 (7a-3:30p), 12/25 (3p-11:30p) Position Urgency:Quick Start