GENERAL SUMMARY: The OR Circulator is an active member of the Operating Room team in providing quality preoperative care to the patient. Observes and teaches other surgical team members with emphasis on asepsis, teamwork and safety. Assumes the leadership role in supervisor s absence. Coordinates efforts of all the surgical team to expedite the surgical procedure with the highest quality of care for the patients.ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES:Identify needed supplies and equipment to prepare the room for the patient and the procedure. Test all electrical units to assure proper functioning.Contact nurses on the Acute Care Unit and have the patient prepared for transfer to the operating room.Assure that all pre-surgical activities are completed. Re-check items such as allergies and dentures. Identify the patient using accepted nursing practice (i.e., checking name band).Assure completion of the patient s chart, operating room records and charge sheets.Assess and meet the patient s physical, emotional and safety needs. Never leave a sedated patient alone.Assist the patient to the operating table and secure safety strap.Assist anesthetist as needed and stand by during the induction and intubation phases of anesthesia.Assist in the positioning of the patient for surgery, keeping in mind safety needs. The position of an anesthetized patient should only be changed slowly and deliberately.Prepare the operative site in the prescribed manner.Assist the surgeon, assistant and technologists with gowning and assure that the room set-up meets their needs.Do not leave the room unless replaced by another Circulating Nurse. Preparation of specimens, retrieval of extra supplies, cleaning and flashing instruments are the only exceptions.Retrieve instruments, etc. which fall to the floor and wash and autoclave as necessary.Keep the room neat and tidy. Remove items from the floor immediately. Maintain clear passageways to all parts of the room. Caution other members of the surgical team about slippery floors, etc.Assure correct sponge and needle counts and participate in instrument monitoring.Identify, label and dispatch specimens as appropriate.Obtain and record medications which the provider administers during operative procedure.Anticipate and fulfill the needs of the surgeon, assistant, anesthesia and technologist.If there is a break in surgical technique, bring it to the attention of the surgical team immediately.Assist the anesthetist in transporting the patient to the recovery room.Assist with table and room clean-up following the operative procedure.Supervise and assist in sterilization, stocking and case care set-ups.Assist the Recovery Nurse in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit as necessary.Keep the OR Supervisor notified of progress and changes in the OR.Notify other staff of surgery schedule changes.Assist in the orientation, training and education of personnel.Teach and direct other personnel assigned to work under their direction.Demonstrate knowledge of changing trends in nursing; actively participate in conferences, classes and meetings.Apply scientific principles in performing nursing procedures; knowledge of the rational for nursing actions.Support and interpret the hospital philosophy, objectives and policies.Participate in activities that will assist the department and hospital to provide ongoing improvement in patient care services.Adhere to the Washington State Registered Nurse Practice Act and hospital s written policies and procedures.Assist in other nursing areas when unoccupied in OR if requested by OR Supervisor. Additional Information:Your Agency s contract to your traveler MUST mirror the confirmation page. If your agency does not comply with this standard, your agency will be at risk of being removed from this client s vendor set. No exceptions! Start Date Must be Identical. End Date Must be Identical. ***Please Note – All Requested Time Off (RTO) must be disclosed at the time of submission. If your agency or the traveler does not include all RTO in the submission form and adds it post confirmation, your agency will be at risk of being removed from this client s vendor set. No exceptions! Time off requested after the acceptance date, will not be approved. Position Urgency:Rapid Response Crisis