Unit Notes:—**Medical Solutions Clinical Team will pre-screen all candidates. Managers will do 2nd interview**
– Unit: Level 2 NICU
– # beds: 31
– Ratios: 1 to 1, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3
– EMR: Cerner
– Charge Nurse: Yes
– Nurse Aides: None
– Weekend Requirement: Every other weekend
– Holidays: 2 out of 3
– Scrub Color: Navy
– Tele: GE
– Vents: Yes
– Hospitalist or Intensivist in house: Neonatologist on call 24/7; not in house 24/7
– IV Team: N/A
– RT 24/7: Yes
– Pharmacy 24/7: Yes
– Call: if census drops, may have to be on call
– Shifts: 7a, 7p
– Floating: None
– Floor specific orientation: 1 shift on unit
– Common diagnosis / Types of patients: 22 weeks and up; preterm, oscillators, no ECMO, no surgeries, preterm drug withdrawl, multiples,
– Additional Notes: Have a runner role that attends all high risk deliveries and c-sections and part of rapid response for neonates_x000D_
Cancellation Policy:Hospital may cancel up to 3 times per contract. Each cancellation could be a full shift or any part of a shift. (Hospital may also pay full hours for a particular shift, in lieu of cancellation)._x000D_
Charting System:Cerner_x000D_
BSN Required:No_x000D_
License to Submit:Yes_x000D_
Trauma Level:_x000D_
Care Setting:Acute_x000D_
Shift Notes:Nights, EOW, first to float_x000D_
Required Certifications:BLS, COVID Vaccine Required, Crisis Protocol Approved, NRP, Pandemic Licensure Approved