Required skills & experience:

• PHD, Psy.D, MSW, LMFT or LPC required

• Active CA license to practice

• At least four years mental health counseling experience

• Specialty degree/certification in maternal mental health, or extensive practical experience in the field

• Looking for someone with recent/active experience as a licensed practitioner but also a systems-level (analytical) thinker who can design programs and lead a team (must have both in order to be considered)

• Proven track record developing mental and behavioral health programs

• Comfortable providing virtual/telehealth care; open to learning and using new technologies

• Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact with all levels of employees

• Strong critical thinking and analytical skills; able to understand a problem and imagine multiple solutions to it

• Ability to provide evening and weekend consultation and support if needed


What you need to know:

• Selects, trains, and provides administrative and clinical supervision for all mental and behavioral health programs staff, in accord with their clinical activities and required clinical privileges and credentials.

• Performs chart reviews, trainings/assessments, and develops skill-building opportunities for client’s Network providers

• Leads and participates in the development and implementation of mental and behavioral health treatment plans, evidence-based articles and videos, guidance materials for providers, and protocols for the company.

• Works closely with other program leads on the general management of policy development, program planning, coordination and evaluation of policies, organizational changes, and new programs.

• Participates in the administrative and managerial work planning, product development, performance analysis, and coordination of Client’s platform services and user experiences.

• Participates in the development of budget requests; monitors expenditures according to budget allocations/appropriations; recommends and/or initiates cost-saving measures.

• Reviews and/or revises mental health program standards to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, policies, accreditation, and certification standards including HIPAA.



key qualifications

licenses and certifications


minimum education


years experience

4+ years

schedule details

5 days/week


Full benefits