RN WITH MED/SURG/TELE WITH EPIC EMR EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Med Surg Tele Floor has 3 – 20 bed units. REQUIRED – current EPIC knowledge / experience with comfort level to TEST OUT of Epic during orientation; Must have MINIMUM 2 years’ recent medical / surgical experience plus BLS (AHA), with NIHSS (NIH) and and Basic Dysrhymia skills/knowledge. MUST BE FLEXIBLE to float to similar medical/surgical units as needed. Must have current capability to practice with unencumbered Oklahoma license.Will be required to pass medication exam and possibly a dysrhythmia exam in orientation. RNs must be able to successfully ‘test out’ of EPIC during orientation.Start dates: upon credentialing Candidate MUST have current unencumbered ability to practice Nursing in Oklahoma and permanent address greater than 100 miles from facility.SFHS SUBMISSION COVER PAGE REQUIRED OR PROFILE WILL BE DECLINED Position Urgency:Quick Start