***48 or 36hr gte option***

MS/Tele/GYN – WSSU (Women’s surgical services)

2 years experience required
Ratio: 1:6

Weekend requirement: None

Holidays: when needed

Floating: We float to other medical or surgical units or the oncology unit. We also float within women s to postpartum and high risk perinatal.

Scrubs: Navy

Common types of patients/Diagnosis: We are a medical surgical unit for women. We care for women after they have had GYN surgeries, Breast surgeries, sicker postpartum, fetal demises, oncology patients, and some general surgical patients. Also medical patients such as pneumonia, UTI, cellulitis, sickle cell patients, etc. We also do palliative care and end of life care.

Additional Notes: We really need high energy and service oriented staff members. The unit can be very fast paced. And our patients are often finding out very difficult news so they need a lot of attention and care. We do self-scheduling and we do allow block scheduling again if that is what the staff member wants.
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