**Winter Rate effective through 3/27/21****Travelers are the first to float. The Traveler may have shifts scheduled in multiple units, depending on the current staffing needs. During the traveler s assignment, if the primary unit no longer has a need, shifts will be re-assigned to another unit in order to complete contract.Nurses working on the Inpatient Medical Surgical Unit, at the American Center will have the opportunity to provide care to both medical and surgical patients.High volume elective surgical admissions will be orthopedic patients, including joint replacement, spine surgery, and both upper extremity and lower extremity procedures.A smaller volume of the elective surgical patients will come from Neurosurgery spine, Urology, General Surgery, Endocrine, and Bariatrics.In addition to the surgical population, nurses will care for a variety of medical patients including those with pneumonia, sepsis, COPD, CHF and other acute and chronic medical conditions. The medical/surgical unit offers inpatient dialysis, with a two chair dialysis suite located on the unit. Telemetry monitoring can be provided for all patients, and a limited number of IMC status patients will be cared for at the American Center.This unit offers motivated nursing staff the opportunity to not only work in a new physical environment but will give them the chance to expand their skills beyond that of a single specialty area of nursing practice.**Minimum Requirements:**Traveler must have permanent address outside 50 mile radius of MadisonTraveler must have WI nursing license or compact license from their permanent address state. *Will consider candidates without WI or compact license but must apply for a temporary license under the interstate reciprocity order within 48 hours of offer accepted and provide proof of application.Traveler must have completed two years of acute care experience within last 3 years.Traveler must have experience in an Academic Level 1 – Trauma center.Prior traveling experience preferred.Traveler must have Basic Arrhythmia experience. Will be required to pass Telemetry test upon arrival at UWHC. (Not for clinic positions)Needs 2 references from recent work environment/assignments (supervisor or manager only).Telemetry Competency: (Please note the Inpatient/Outpatient OR RN s do not complete telemetry)All agency travelers must demonstrate competency in interpretation of cardiac rhythms before your orientation begins. Previous completion of PALS, ACLS, etc. is not acceptable as a demonstration of this competency. Instead, you will be expected to satisfactorily complete a 20 question test which consists of multiple choice questions and write-in rhythm identification. You must pass with an overall score of 80% and correctly identify 100% of the 4 life-threatening rhythms for your patient population (adult or peds). If there are any questions, please refer to earlier communication from UWHC to your agency.Schedule: 36 hrs/week, Day/Evening, 12 hr shift, potential mix of 12-hour day or pm shifts***Free Parking ***** Position Urgency:Quick Start