ICU RN’s needed for ASAP start date.This is an emergency health management environment, within a hospital. Candidates will be supporting a mid-size community hospital. The patients are full-fledged ICU Patients.PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT CANDIDATES THAT ARE ALREADY WORKING IN MICHIGAN AT OTHER FACILITIES UNLESS CONTRACT IS NOT BEING EXTENDED. ANY CANDIDATES SUBMITTED OVER THAT ARE CURRENTLY WORKING IN MICHIGAN WILL BE DECLINED!CANDIDATE CANNOT BE LOCAL!Candidates will be working with COVID-19, State of Michigan is allowing for any state license to be accepted but a license is required. At least 2 year’s experience required. 13 assignments available.Start date as soon as possible.EHR- Paper / Timekeeping / First Day Instructions will be communicated as quickly as possible upon confirmation. Minimum credentialing and compliance requirements are attached – do not delay in uploading minimum requirements.Priority given to staff who can start ASAP.The State of Michigan is using a Master Staffing Agreement (MSA) you will receive direction on how to sign the MSA upon confirmation of your staff. Use Compliance Checklist attached to the job order for reference of requirements.?** Please NOTE there is an exceptionto the Compliance Checklist!** All Travelers MUST have a current FLU SHOT or be willing to receive a FLU SHOT upon arrival.?A Medical or Religious Declination may be accepted.CORE EXPECTATIONSAll employees in all positions must: Adhere to hospitals mission, vision, values, key strategies and policies. Ensure that services are provided in accordance with state and federal regulations, accreditation and compliance requirements, and organizational policy. Maintain reliable attendance and follow all call-in rules for the safety and welfare of our patients. Interact with co-workers, staff of other affiliates, patients, members and visitors in a positive and professional manner and communicate effectively and respectfully. Work as a team member helping others to contribute to the overall success.Satisfaction of these core expectations is considered an essential function of all positions.JOB SUMMARY Delivers nursing care responsibly and accountably as described professionally by the American Nurses Association (ANA) and legally by the State of Michigan. Demonstrates competency through the critical thinking model known as the nursing process. This includes assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Upholds the standards of professional performance as described by the ANA. This includes ethical practice, culturally congruent practice, communication, collaboration, leadership, education, evidence-based practice and research, quality of practice, professional practice evaluation, resource utilization and environmental health. Strives to achieve optimal outcomes.Skills:Excellent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Time management and organizational skills. Self directed. Ability to make quality, independent decisions. Analytical and strong problem solving skills. Ability to work effectively and efficiently under tight deadlines, high volumes and multiple interruptions. Ability to maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality. Ability to listen to others. Competency in the use of a variety of computer hardware and software systems.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (For this Position)Provides evidence-based nursing care consistent with the interprofessional plan of care and in accordance with health system policies, procedures, and ANA/regulatory standards. Communicates and collaborates with other members of the health care team in order to ensure continuity and coordination of care. Acts as a patient/family advocate. Performs point of care testing as required.Demonstrates a high standard of moral, ethical, and culturally sensitive behavior. Formulates decisions and actions based on ethical principles, using the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses to guide practice. Advocates for privacy, confidentiality and security of patient, staff and organizational data. Assesses the overall needs of the patient/family and analyzes the assessment data to identify potential diagnoses or issues.Identifies expected outcomes/goals and develops and implements/coordinates an individualized interprofessional plan of care that recommends strategies to achieve the outcomes in accordance with the ANA Standards of Practice. Evaluates patient and family educational needs and employs appropriate teaching strategies while continually evaluating progress toward achievement of goals/outcomes. Initiates patient discharge planning at time of patient contact and facilitates a smooth transition to the next point of service/home. Ensures that required documentation is performed in an accurate and timely manner. Assumes an autonomous leadership role and delegates appropriately to unlicensed assistive personnel to facilitate safe, quality patient care in a cost-effective manner.Engages in activities related to the professional role and seeks to continually advance knowledge and competence related to nursing practice while completing self and peer evaluation of nursing practice. Participates in ongoing improvement activities that contribute to quality patient care.Actively participates in safety initiatives and risk mitigating measures where appropriate and completes all position and unit safety related competencies and requirements on a timely basis.Performs other duties as assigned.Physical Demands With Weight Requirements Select Frequency for all demands. If frequency is greater than *None*, please enter weight for that demand. 8 hour day: Seldom (up to 2.5 hours per shift) Occasional: (2.5 to 5 hours) Frequent: (over 5 hours) 12 hour day: Seldom (up to 4 hours per shift) Occasional: (4-8 hours) Frequent: (over 8 hours) Physical Demand None Seldom (1% – 33%) Occasionally (34% – 66%)Frequently (Over 66%) Weight Pallet to Waist (6″ from floor) 5 lbs X 50 Waist to Waist 5 lbs X 50 Waist to Chest (below shoulder) 5 lbs X 10 Waist to Overhead 5 lbs X 5 Bilateral Carry 5 lbs X 25 Unilateral Carry 5 lbs X 10 Pushing Force 5 lbs X 25 Pulling Force 5 lbs X 20