RN will care for ICU patients on this PCU floor: PCU RN 24-bed Adult High Acuity Unit. Our staffing ratio is 2:1 or 3:1 depending on patient acuity. Our staffing also includes a Team Lead who does not typically carry a patient assignment and is available to team members to assist in any way necessary. In addition, each shift has a Clinical Coordinator who works in both an administrative and clinical capacity. The unit is led by an Operations Manager who is also a Registered Nurse. PCU is a closed unit and is served primarily by our Hospitalist Service. However, we do receive patients admitted under our Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Surgical Oncology, and Neurosurgery Teams just to name a few. Coverage is 24 hours a day. We need someone who is able to make quick decisions on their feet, someone who is detail oriented, but able to see the bigger picture. A candidate for our unit is someone who is eager and enthusiastic about work, someone who has integrity, and able to self-report mistakes or errors without fear of being reprimanded. This is an extremely fast paced environment, so we need someone with strong assessment and clinical skills. We have great cooperation and RN to RN interactions here, as well as great physician relations. We also have a close relationship with our Intensive Care Unit (ICU). CCRN/PCCN preferred but not necessary. A candidate for this unit would have experience with: – ventilators (we care for patients who are chronically vented and have a trach) – multiple drips/pressors – wound/dressing changes – tracheostomy care – arterial lines/CVPs – epidurals – PCAs – lumbar drains – care for patients on bipap and hiflow – line draws from VAMPs Additional Information:***Please Note -Your Agency s contract to your traveler MUST mirror the confirmation page. If your agency does not comply with this standard, your agency will be at risk of being removed from the Geisinger vendor set. No exceptions! Start Date Must be Identical. End Date Must be Identical. ***Please Note – All Requested Time Off (RTO) must be disclosed at the time of submission. If your agency or the traveler does not include all RTO in the submission form and adds it post confirmation, your agency will be at risk of being removed from the Geisinger vendor set. No exceptions! Time off requested after the acceptance date, will not be approved. Position Urgency:Quick Start