Utilizes the nursing process in developing the plan of care.Based on care plan, implements care and reevaluates care based on the patient response totreatments. Documents progress towards goals.Administers specified medications, by either oral, subcutaneous, intermuscular, intradermal,or intravenous route as ordered. Documents response to medications.Assembles equipment for procedures and uses patient s supplies appropriately duringprocedures commonly performed by the RN.Completes nursing assessment of patient and documents appropriately into the patient srecord.Sets priorities in plan of care based on assessed needs.Assesses educational needs and engages in patient/family education and teaching asappropriate. Documents this education.Continuously observes, monitors and/or assesses the patient status and reports any changes incondition or adverse reactions to medications or treatments. Documents this in the patient srecord. Notifies MD.Communicates with patient and family regarding the patient s status, progress towards goals,and health care needs.Documents all pertinent information into the patient s record. Performs this documentationat the patient s bedside.Transcribes physician orders appropriately.Demonstrates knowledge in management of complex equipment: Ventilators, hemodynamicmonitoring, temporary transcutaneous and transvenous pacemakers, cardiac/oxygensaturation/non-invasive blood pressure monitors, epidural catheters, fluid and blood pumps.Demonstrates knowledge in advanced nursing skills: airway management, dysrhythmiamanagement, and shock management.Serves as a team leader in Code situations.Assist to maintain order and cleanliness of utility, nutrition, medication and supply room,nurses station, patient cupboards and consulting room.Checks equipment and supplies and assists with room set up.Manages intravenous fluids, medications, and blood administration. Documents patientsresponse. Position Urgency:Quick Start