Rural IHS facility is seeking a CT tech to hit the ground running for a 13 week contract with a strong chance of extension. Need a team player who can start ASAP and is looking to work with an underserved community! Establish and maintain mechanical ventilatory supt for critical newborn, pediatric & adult patients using variety of pressure and volume ventilators. Make all ventilator adjustments as determined by the interp of diagnostic test results, observations & assessment, patient response and ventilatory status. Monitor patient for changes in cardio-pulmonary status. Maintain patent & stable airway during resuscitation & mechanical ventilation; perform oral intubations, establishes & maintains stability of artificial airway, and maintains appropriate cuff pressures. Applies advanced ventilator techniques such as CPAP, PS, SIMV, PEEP. Establish ventilator weaning criteria specific for each patient and initiates weaning procedures. Initiates and performs effective CPR without direction. Performs arterial punctures for blood gas analysis, interprets results & acts accordingly. Makes recommendations to physician regarding treatment based on blood gas results and clinical evaluation. Continually assesses the cardio-pulmonary status of patients using information collected from physical observation and the accurate interpretation of diagnostic test results. Determines the effect and/or need for therapy. Performs hemodynamic monitoring and interprets Pulmonary Artery Pressures, Pulmonary Capillary Wedge pressure, Cardiac Output & Central Venous Pressure. Assist physician with special procedures including diagnostic & therapeutic bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, & surgical tracheotomy. Perform Pulmonary Function studies. Process contaminated equipment, including cleaning & sterilization, assembly, function, & safety checks. Documents all treatments, findings, observations, & progress pertinent to patient care in the appropriate medical record.