Required skills and experience:

• Unrestricted Clinical Licensed Social Worker (LCSW), LPC, LMFT

• A background in maternal/substance use populations

• Medicare or Medicaid knowledge.

• Reliable transportation and valid driver’s license.

• Advanced computer proficiency; proficiency with using Cloud-based systems, EMRs, and teleconferencing applications.

• Demonstrate the philosophy of our organization through values and practices.

• Self-starter mentality. LCSW will be creating their own weekly schedule with their clients.

What you need to know:

• Client provides Care + Community that helps women and men recover from substance-exposed living.

• Working from a home office and then LCSW will travel out in to the field to meet clients where they’re at (home, business, coffee shop, etc.)

• Assesses, plans and implements trauma-informed care strategies that are individualized by client and directed toward the most appropriate and least restrictive level of care, while leveraging evidence-based tools.

• Collaborates with client, family and healthcare providers to develop an individualized plan of care, based on client goals.

Interview process:

1. Phone screen with client recruiter

2. Video interview with hiring manager

3. Video interview with executive leadership

4. Possible 4th Interview with other clinical team members

5. Offer