The Contractor Minnesota Testing Site Manager is a key contributor by administering collection programs with a high level of service and commitment to excellence. This role is dynamic, people-oriented and excels in relationship management.

Summary of Qualifications:

To successfully perform this role, the contractor Minnesota Testing Site Manager

must be mature, accountable, attentive to detail, organized and self-motivated. Essential requirements are strong communication and leadership skills; ability to manage multiple projects in a time sensitive environment; highly credible and ethical; excellent customer service and problem solving skills including commitment to serve clients and independent collection collectors; positive attitude; independent thinker; and proficient working with Microsoft Suite including intermediate level of Excel. He or she must possess strong integrity and lead team members. Passing a pre-employment screening is required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Client Liaison.

• Monitor on-site staffing and communicate needs effectively with staffing partners.

• Oversite of daily reporting including total tests performed, inventory, challenges, and concerns.

• Facilitate staff and team motivation.

• Manage training for new on-site team members.

• Share feedback, generate ideas and insights to improve the process and experience.

• Implement action plans to maximize efficiencies and productivity.

• Ensure all compliance and safety standards are met