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Global Language Training (PWW)

Are you looking for language training for your team?

Petrini & Workman Worldwide Recruiting delivers hyper-relevant language learning outcomes for your specific business needs. Our immersive, skill-based style emphasizes communication over memorization. Our unique blended learning model sets us apart from apps, textbooks, and other traditional approaches. Our customized Corporate Language Training programs are specifically designed for busy professionals to help them acquire necessary language skills in the minimum amount of time. We offer group and private on-site and off-site classes nationwide. We offer language training courses nationwide that are tailored to the client’s’ needs and include the specific vocabulary of the client’s industry. Our rates are based on various factors that we will fully be able to consider once we do the initial consultation to determine what your circumstances are. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs, and we can then give you an accurate quote.

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The 21st century has created an environment where exponential change within all industries has become the norm. Our Career Specialists will help you navigate through this ever-changing economic landscape and accomplish your career aspirations.

Hourly Rate begins at – $65-$75/hour