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Employers (PWW)

The True Meaning Of em·ploy·er əmˈploiər


As business processes become more automated and the usefulness of working at a physical location becomes less apparent, the meaning of “employer” continuously changes. Employers are evolving into entities that have less fully employed individuals and more contingency workers who focus on particular projects. The advent of workplace altering communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Skype enable employers to remain in contact with employees/contractors from anywhere around the world. With the world becoming interconnected through the internet and global trade measures, employers also utilize outsourcing as a means of cutting costs whenever possible. There are many indicators which demonstrate that employers are no longer just establishments that supply work and pay individuals for it.

  • The way employers depict their brand on social media can cause a rapid increase in sales or headlines that create a wildfire which must be put out in a matter of hours.
  • Employers are expected to be active participants within their communities even if they are for-profit organizations.
  • External businesses are increasingly servicing internal processes such as accounting, human resources, and public relations.

The dynamic between employers and candidates has become much more balanced in recent years. Employers are still looking for talented individuals, but those looking for work are making sure employers measure up as well.